Task force AI

On 7th of September  the first Italian AI task force was launched to examine the possibilities of implementation of AI in the Italian public administration.

The working group was created and promoted by AgID and it is composed by thirty people coming from the academia, international organizations and start-ups; They were selected after a called opened in April 2017. The working group has the role of investigate how AI can enhance the quality of services offered to the citizens. By December 2017, a white paper will be presented, containing suggestions and recommendations for the government and other public administrations. Furthermore, the working group will define possible pilot projects to test the effectiveness of AI services in the PA.

Other than the working group, an online community it has been launched, aimed at gathering ideas and suggestions to be debated by the working group. You can actively participate in the discussion and review the agenda at:

Data Science Milan actively cooperate in the discussion and we hope to organize events in which it will be possible to openly discuss the activity of the task force. At the opening of the next event on the 9th of October, Alessandro Vitale (a member of the working group) will illustrate us in more details what the task force is and which are its goals. See you there!

Author: Marco Michelangeli

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