Reinforcement Learning Workshop by Orobix

In this meetup will introduce the basic concepts behind the reinforcement learning and illustrate the main approaches for training autonomous agents in uncertain environments.
We will then demonstrate a training process on a simple OpenAi environment.

Bring your laptop with you!

The venue has a limited seating capability, please be considerate and cancel your order if you are not willing to attend so that someone from the waitlist will be able to participate.


18:30 Doors opening

18:45 Data Science Milan community introduction

19:00 Workshop

Reinforcement Learning workshop by Luca Antiga, CEO at Orobix


Luca is the CEO at Orobix Srl, an engineering company building systems powered by artificial intelligence. He received a PhD in Bioengineering in 2002 from the Politecnico di Milano and was a Post Doc at the Imaging Research Laboratories of the Robarts Research Institute in London, Ontario until 2004. He worked as the Head of the Medical Imaging Unit at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research until 2009, when he co-founded Orobix. He actively participates to open source projects, as lead of the Vascular Modeling Toolkit and contributor to PyTorch, an increasingly popular deep learning framework.

About Orobix

Orobix is an Italian engineering company focused on building artificial intelligence-powered systems in multiple domains, including life-science and manufacturing. The background of Orobix personnel spans engineering, mathematics, physics and computer science. Internally, Orobix has a team dedicated to the application of deep learning to engineering, computer vision and AI.

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