Banksealer: a decision support system for online banking fraud analysis

As the adoption of internet banking services increase, so do online banking frauds and financial malware attacks.

Unfortunately the limited availability of internet banking data to the scientific community and the complexity of the attacks make fully-autmatic fraud detection systems unsuitable for the job.

Banksealer is a system that supports analysts in the analysis and investigation of online banking fraudulent transactions.

Banksealer employs a threefold profiling approach to rank transactions by their anomaly with resepect to the usual behavior of the user.

During this event we will present Banksealer and discuss about its algorithms and software architecture.

The event is held in english.

The venue has a limited seating capability, please be considerate and cancel your order if you are not willing to attend so that someone from the waitlist will be able to participate.

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18:30 Doors opening

19:00 Opening Data Science Milan

19:15 What is Banksealer (@ Daniele Gallingani)

19:35 Banksealer Algorithms and Architecture (@ Claudio Caletti)

20:10 Networking Aperitivo


How to protect home banking systems from malwares and frauds? Daniele and Claudio will discuss about Banksealer, a system that helps security analysts to block and prevent fraudulent transactions.


Daniele co-founded buildo after spending years as a freelance back-end and mobile developer in Italy before joining a mobile security research team in the US. He is charmed by complex distributed systems and intricate application stacks in general. He is currently facing his problems with a pleasant blend of Scala, Docker and Bash. He has been a Black Hat Speaker in the 2014 US edition. He holds two Master’s degrees: one from Politecnico di Milano in Computer Engineering and one from UIC in Computer Science.

Claudio is passionate about data. His interests range from data integration and engineering to machine learning . He has been research assistant at University of Chicago working for a UIC Excellence Award “Building Urban Resilience and Sustainability (BURST)” and an NSF Grant “Cyber-Enabled Sustainability Science and Engineering”. He is co-founder of buildo. He graduated from UIC with a Master’s in Computer Science and from Politecnico di Milano with a Master’s in Computer Engineering.

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