Task force AI

On 7th of September  the first Italian AI task force was launched to examine the possibilities of implementation of AI in the Italian public administration. The working group was created and promoted by AgID and it is composed by thirty people coming from the academia, international organizations and start-ups; They were selected after a called opened Read more about Task force AI[…]

Graph Database (Neo4j), Fraud Detection (Panama Papers) and Python

“making explicit what it is implicit” Written by Claudio G. Giancaterino “Data Science in Cerved” by Stefano Gatti and Nunzio Pellegrino, Cerved On 25th September at Cerved were hosted talks about Graph Database Technology (Neo4j). Stefano Gatti and Nunzio Pellegrino showed a talk both Cerved and an introduction on graph model properties. Cerved is one Read more about Graph Database (Neo4j), Fraud Detection (Panama Papers) and Python[…]

TensorFlow and Sparklyr: Scaling Deep Learning and R to the Big Data ecosystem

Written by Claudio Giancaterino and reviewed by Fabio Concina  On 15th May at ICTeam were hosted talks about Big Data. Both speeches were focused on using Spark framework to scale deep learning and R environment for Big Data processing. Apache Spark is an open source cluster computing framework able to provide a unified and distributed Read more about TensorFlow and Sparklyr: Scaling Deep Learning and R to the Big Data ecosystem[…]

DataCamp special promotion 16th-21st May

DataCamp is the first and foremost leader in Data Science Education, offering skill-based training, pioneering technical innovation, and courses from the world’s best educators. A special promotion will be held next week starting May 16th only for Data Science Milan! Use the following links to get the discounts! Python courses or R courses. Follow up