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We are the community of data science practitioners, startups, organizations and academia based in the greater Milan area.
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We are an independent group with the only goal of promoting and pioneering knowledge and innovation of the data-driven revolution in the Italian peninsula and beyond. We encourage international collaboration, sharing and open source tools. The official language of our events, talks and communication is English. Everyone who is involved in data science projects or want to undertake this career is invited to join.

  • Data Scientists, Statisticians, AI, Machine Learning Specialists, Quant Analysts, BI, Analytics

  • Big Data, Data Engineers, Software Developers, System Design, ETL, NoSQL, Data Warehousing, DevOps

  • Researchers, PhD, Lecturers, Professors, Students


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Gianmario Spacagna

Founder & Coordinator

Gabriele Pece

Startup Network Manager

Marco Michelangeli


Fabio Concina


Riccardo Mattivi



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